Behind Bone Arrow: Cultural History

I am often asked what motivated me to write Bone Arrow, a Fantasy novel inspired by indigenous North American folktales and legends. My inspiration behind Bone Arrow is discussed in a first post, this second post explains the cultural inspiration and a final post details folklore inspiration.

Bone Arrow includes many historic cultural elements from indigenous North America. The collections of artifacts maintained within the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian provide a glimpse into the cultural heritage of indigenous North Americans.

Northwestern University maintains a historic collection of portfolios, in the range of 20 volumes of photographs taken by Edward S. Curtis in the early 1900s. This photographic collection shows some of the varied cultures and people of the past North America. Edward Curtis documented many cultural practices in different tribes throughout his travels but countless more was lost before and after. These portfolios provide a glimpse at the past.

The series of photographs below are a very small fraction of the collection of images taken by Edward S. Curtis during the early 1900s and are maintained as part of the collections at Northwestern University in the United States.

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