Published Short Fiction

Short Stories

(1000 – 7000 words)

The Zodiac Series

Featuring “The Bull of Heaven”, “The Golden Lion-Monkey” & “Serket’s Curse”

Lockdown Series

Featuring “Hunting Shadows”

Stories of Survival

Featuring “Three Tasks for the Sidhe”

Unnatural Order

Featuring “The Bargain”.

Seven Deadly Sins Series

Featuring “A Handful of Dead Leaves”, “The Monster”, & “Them”

Over the Rainbow: An LGBTQ+ Fairytale Charity Anthology

Featuring “The Queen of Crows”

Legends of Night: A Horror Anthology

Featuring “The Dark Horseman”


Featuring “Talismans”

Flash Fiction

(500 – 1000 words)

Five Hundred Fiction Series

Featuring “Second Chances”, “The Hero of Silversmiths”, “The Eldritch Wood”, “The Bones of a Dead God”, “The Haunted Ones”, “Poisoned Fruit, Poisoned Reign”, “The Dragon of ShadowTor”, “Wakinyan”, “The Carnival Girl”


(< 500 words)

Lost Lore and Legends

Featuring “The Troll Witch”, “Pixie-Touched” and others.

Legends of Night: Drabbles Series

Featuring “The Revenants”, “The Burial”, “The Hungering” & “The Woman in Black”

Holiday Horrors Series

Featuring “Summer at the Beach” & “Summer Moon, Leather Wings”

666: Dark Drabbles

Featuring “The Gallows Dancers”