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Author of Horror & Dark Fantasy

Leanbh Pearson (@CatSparks)

Leanbh Pearson lives on Ngunnawal Country in Canberra, Australia. An LGBTQIA & disability author of horror & dark fantasy, her fiction features in numerous anthologies. Always aided by her canine assistants, her writing is inspired by folklore, fairytales, archaeology & the environment. She has judged the Australian Shadows Awards, Aurealis Awards, received an AHWA mentorship & participates on convention panels. Leanbh’s alter-ego is an academic in archaeology, evolution and prehistory.

Follow her at www.leanbhpearson.com | Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @leanbhpearson

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Praise for Leanbh Pearson

“Dear reader get ready to immerse yourself into the marvellous, tragic and terrifying world Leanbh Pearson has masterfully crafted for your reading pleasure.”

– Pan Book Reviews of Bluebells

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An LGBTQI alternate history dystopian horror novella

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