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Assassin’s Fate

Assassin’s Fate is the final volume in the Fitz & the Fool trilogy by American author Robin Hobb. Assassin’s Fate also marks thefinal instalment in the acclaimed series of novels following the Farseer dynasty. Assassin’s Fate sees the conclusion of the story surrounding Fitz, the illegitimate prince and assassin introduced in The Farseer Trilogy and the unlikely but important friendship with the Fool, a powerful prophet contriving to influence future events and return dragons to the world as is the focus of the Tawny Man Trilogy. Assassin’s Fate follows FitzChivalry as he embarks with the Fool on a journey to destroy the Servants who abducted his daughter, Bee. Together, Fitz and the Fool plan to avenge the wrong committed against them both by the Servants, travelling the long distance to the island of Clerres , the traditional home of the White Prophets. On the journey, the Fool recounts the torture he had been subject to at the hands of the Servants, detailing how corruption has led the leaders of the Clerres, known as The Four, to use the powers of the White Prophets to influence events that best suit their own survival and power. Fitz and the Fool are forced to race to rescue Bee from Clerres as an ancient wrong committed by the Four brings the wrath of the dragons against Clerres and with it total destruction. The mysterious Liveships are closely connected with venture by Fitz and Fool and tied to the vengeance sought by the dragons.Assassin’s Fate interconnects several storylines from the Farseer, Liveship and Rainwild series, offering closure and completion of these acclaimed and much-loved Fantasy series.