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Wait for Night

Publisher’s Description

A day laborer hired to clean up a flooded creek outside of Boulder, Colorado uncovers what could be a valuable find—if it doesn’t kill him first.


Wait for Night is a novelette by US author Stephen Graham Jones. The story follows a day-labourer Chessup and a work crew cleaning up a flooded river site. After the day’s work, Chessup’s Buick won’t start and the last labourer on site, the mysterious and disfigured, Burned Dan offers to help re-start the car. But Chessup uncovers a skeleton in the roots of a tree, half-uncovered by the recent flood. Chessup makes a deal with Burned Dan to help restart the Buick but the sudden arrival of a county policeman begins a series of dangerous events when Chessup discovers the bones he had recovered hide a monstrous truth.

Final Thoughts

Wait for Night, although a shorter piece of long fiction as a novelette, it is a highly detailed character-driven story. The unusual take Graham Jones has on vampiric lore is another really interesting twist to this story. It is beautifully written, with the hallmark traits of Graham Jones’s writing style combining smooth storytelling punctuated by sudden action.


Wait for Night is highly recommended for fans of Stephen Graham Jones, those who enjoy dark fiction, detailed characters or anyone seeking a unique spin on vampire stories. A great read!

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