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The Haunting of Hill House

Publisher’s Description

Four seekers have arrived at the rambling old pile known as Hill House- Dr. Montague, an occult scholar looking for solid evidence of psychic phenomena; Theodora, his lovely assistant; Luke, the future inheritor of the estate; and Eleanor, a friendless, fragile young woman with a dark past. As they begin to cope with horrifying occurrences beyond their control or understanding, they cannot possibly know what lies ahead. For Hill House is gathering its powers – and soon it will choose one of them to make its own.


I read this classic psychological thriller The Haunting of Hill House by US author Shirley Jackson as part of a gothic literature course. It’s always been on my to-read list and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a thorough read.

Hill House has a long and strange history of accidents, unexplained deaths and tragedy. There is something disturbing about the lands on which Hill House is built – the uneasy hills the cup the house, wild meadows and forests, overgrown walled gardens. It all adds to the atmosphere of a haunted place.

Final thoughts

The Haunting of Hill House left me thinking about it for weeks to come. The atmosphere of the house itself made it a character – and Jackson was phenomenal to create a twisted, grotesque monstrosity of a house and a haunted character. The writing was something I couldn’t put down but didn’t want to end. Brilliant.


A brilliant read. Perfect for those who enjoy gothic horror at it’s best, a slow-burn psychological thriller and a mystery of a haunted house. And what a haunted house- twisted and insane, a character in itself. Highly recommended!

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