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Nona the Ninth

Publisher’s Description

Her city is under siege.

The zombies are coming back.

And all Nona wants is a birthday party.

In many ways, Nona is like other people. She lives with her family, has a job at her local school, and loves walks on the beach and meeting new dogs. But Nona’s not like other people. Six months ago she woke up in a stranger’s body, and she’s afraid she might have to give it back.

The whole city is falling to pieces. A monstrous blue sphere hangs on the horizon, ready to tear the planet apart. Blood of Eden forces have surrounded the last Cohort facility and wait for the Emperor Undying to come calling. Their leaders want Nona to be the weapon that will save them from the Nine Houses. Nona would prefer to live an ordinary life with the people she loves, with Pyrrha and Camilla and Palamedes, but she also knows that nothing lasts forever.

And each night, Nona dreams of a woman with a skull-painted face…


I recently read Nona the Ninth (Locked Tomb, #3) by New Zealand author Tamsyn Muir.

Nona the Ninth follows from Harowhark the Ninth which saw both Harrow and Gideon end in dire circumstances. We now follow Nona in a child’s body but without any memory of flicker of Harrowhark inside except for her dreams with John (God). Fled to a desecrated planet on the brink of civil war, Nona is cared for by the remaining cavillers of the Nine Houses.

But as things become more complicated on the planet and necromancers made public, Nona and her ‘family‘ fight their way to a shuttle in aim of opening the Tomb and restoring Harrowhawk’s memories to Nona’s body. But opening the Tomb that must never be opened has great risks of waking its sleeping occupant and guardian.

Final Thoughts

Nona the Ninth was cleverly written, believable characters and the chaotic world. While maintaining some of the esoteric style throughout the other books, I enjoyed this almost as much as the first book.


Highly recommend for lovers of science fiction particularly space operas. The continuation of the Locked Tomb series is a must for anyone who enjoyed the flamboyant style of Gideon the Ninth. A must read!