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Den of Wolves

Den of Wolves is the final volume in the Fantasy series Blackthorn & Grim by Juliet Marillier. After the events in Tower of Thorns, Blackthorn and Grim return to Winterfalls hoping the familiar routine will help regain trust with each other and reconcile some of the emotional upheavals. Despite this, they find themselves bound more firmly to each other after all they have endured. When Mathuan of Laois captures the ancestral lands of Lady Flidas, wife to crown-prince Oran, Blackthorn begins to hope, and dread, final justice for all wrongs Mathuan had ever committed. War threatens the stability of the lands and Blackthorn and Grim live in fear that Mathuan will discover their identity and hiding place. As the past, present and future roads begin to converge, Blackthorn suspects the true identity of her Fey benefactor, Lord Conmael, who orchestrated her escape from Mathuan’s prison but the one who now binds her to his rules. Crown Prince Oran leaves Winterfalls for the High Court amid the escalating threat of war, leaving Blackthorn under the ever-present guard of the mysterious but elite warriors from Swan Island. Despite this, Blackthorn is soon occupied by the unexpected arrival of Cara, the daughter of the nearby remote holding of Wolf Glen. Meanwhile, Grim is hired at Wolf Glen to assist in a mysterious building project after the sudden re-emergence of Bardan, a crippled master-builder. Sworn to secrecy about the building, Grim’s suspicion deepens when it becomes clear the crippled builder Bardan is poorly treated and fears for his life. Soon, Cara’s stay at Winterfalls and the sudden arrival of Bardan combines to weave a story of tragic loss and betrayal coupled with the terrible magic of the Fey.
Den of Wolves is a compelling and dark story of the other-worldly machinations of the Fey. A fitting conclusion to the powerful Blackthorn & Grim series of redemption and resurrection. A must-read series!