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Emperor of the Eight Islands

The Tale of Shikanoko, a new Fantasy series by Australian author Lian Hearn who thrilled Fantasy readers worldwide with the series Tales of the Otori, a mythic historical fantasy inspired by feudal Japan. This new series explores the intrigues of the Emperors’ courts and secretive dark magic of the forested mountains with the first installment, Emperor of the Eight Islands following the protagonist Shikanoko , son of a warlord whose uncle leaves him for dead in a failed assassination. Shikanoko’s life does not end alone in the mountainous Dark Wood but instead he is transformed by sorcery, changed into a mysterious and powerful weapon, a leader among the feudal clans while they clash for power and supremacy.
Emperor of the Eight Islands is a beautiful, often dark tale that explores love, honour, brutality, power and truth as facets of these coalesce in Shikanoko on his path toward self-discovery his true destiny.

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  1. […] following the aftermath of the Tales of the Otori series while combining important elements from The Tale of Shikanoko series. I look forward to reading the second volume and conclusion to the Children of the […]

  2. […] the visits Hearn conducted during research. Lord of the Darkwood continues from the previous novel, Emperor of the Eight Islands. The complexity of intrigue and the movement of divine forces like the Tengu increase the efforts […]

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