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Godsgrave is the second volume in the adult dark fantasy The Nevernight Chronicles by Jay Kristoff. Continuing from the dramatic conclusion of Nevernight, Mia Corvere is now a Blade in the Red Church and with Mr Kindly and Eclipse, she becomes suspicious of a single patron repeatedly requesting her services. After the attacks against the Red Church, Mia’s suspicion grows and she forges unusual alliances to continue her revenge against the murder of her familia. When the unique opportunity presents itself for Mia to destroy both Consul Scaeva and Cardinal Duomo in one strike, Mia takes the risk, selling herself into slavery to a gladiatorial collegium for the chance to stand victorious at the grand games in Godsgrave, destroy Duomo and Scaeva and avenge her familia.Godsgrave continues the dark humour, historical and political satire of Nevernight as the violence and intrigue increase. Highly recommended!