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Publisher’s Description

“Caught between an ancient evil and a man with nothing to lose, a young girl’s fate hangs in the balance.”

Erin Rogers and her daughter Casey have been missing in the Alaskan wilderness for five days. Troy Spencer is determined to find his sister and niece at any cost. Once there, a local tells Troy about a loner, Bishop, a man shrouded in secrets, who may be his only hope.

As Troy sets out to find the mysterious Bishop, Casey is lost in the woods, alone and frightened, seeking help for her gravely injured mother. But she is not alone, something ancient stalks these forested trails, something evil that hungers for fresh blood.

The trio soon finds themselves caught in a struggle against time as an ancient rivalry is renewed.

*** I received a copy in exchange for an honest review ***


One of my reads this November was Bishop, a horror novella by Pittsburgh author Candace Nola.

Troy Rodgers arrives in the small community on the edge of Canadian mountains when his sister Erin and his niece Casey fail to make contact or return from their hike. Desperate to find what has happened to them, he asks the best tracker in the commiunity for help – a man few know anything about and have seldom seen.

Bishop agrees to help Troy find his missing sister and niece but has his own motives for tracking deep into the wintry wilderness. The enemy of his Algonquian heritage is the wendigo – a demon who possesses men fallen to the depravity of starvation and cannibalism. The monster they become is an unstoppable evil with an insatiable hunger that never stops. Bishop has his own legacy from the Algonquian and Navajo heritage – the ability to transform into a bear and another, more dangerous form – the werebear.

Final Thoughts

Bishop is an intriguing horror story set deep in the Canadian wilderness with a mystery at its heart to unravel. The tale of a missing boy, a horrifying monster and the mysterious Native American man Bishop. A wonderful exploration of folklore, legend and the evocative atmosphere of the wilderness and isolation.


A recommended read for those who enjoy many aspects of the horror genre – psychological horror, folklore, legends and the paranormal.