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Forthcoming: Dark Poetry

I’m pleased to announce my debut venture into dark poetry will feature in Eldritch and Ether Anthology.

My folklore inspired poems include Scottish female vampire folklore in “My Baobhan sith”, while “The Other” explores dark inner duality and mythologies of the Sun and Moon inspired “A Silver Queen”.

More details to be announced soon!

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Stark Naked

Publisher’s Description

Stark Naked is Silvia Cantón Rondoni’s intense personal journey. These reflections reveal her transition from childhood through grief and trauma, to the woman of resilience she is today. Illustrated by Silvia Nieto in close collaboration with the poet, her artwork adds visual soul and compliments a collection filled with raw emotion and brutal honesty.


I recently read the newly launched volume of poetry Stark Naked by fellow Canberra author and Catalan-born poet Silvia Cantón Rondoni.
This poetry collection explores the darkness of grief and uncertainty after a personal tragedy, and focuses on finding a way to live in a newly altered world. Some of the highlights from this collection include “Then” and “Now” – complimentary poems detailing depth of grief and hope for the future, “Origins” about the struggle to overcome adversity of other’s opinions, “I Dare you to Love Me”, and last poem in the collection “David. Me. Why”, an exploration of worthiness.

Final Thoughts

This collection of poetry, Silvia Cantón Rondoni’s first in English (her third language), is a stellar debut. The poems and the illustrations beautifully capture the uncertainty of grief and a future life with fundamental part now missing.


Highly recommended! A visceral but evocative examination of the darkest sense of self and striving to live when everything has fundamentally altered you. A must-read collection with beautifully matched illustrations!